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Phyllis Allen

Senior Executive Assistant

Natanya Auerbach

Philanthropy Database Specialist

Christina Avery

Associate Director, Member Services, Quality & Accountability

Christine Baines

National Learning Officer

Shaun Boles

Director, Network Training and Development

Emanuelle Crayton

Associate Director, Member Services

Liz Damski

Sr. Director, Compliance & Accountability

Tom Dunn

Project Manager

Coral Edward

Associate Director, Member Services & Grants

Sally Wilson Erny

Deputy CEO and Chief Network Operations Officer

Kristina Ver Foley

Chief Communications Officer

Cassidy Follins

Associate Director, Administration & Membership

Candyce Frye

Director, Membership & Network Support

Michelle Geiger

Sr. Director, Brand and Digital Marketing

Kimberly Willis Green

Communications Officer

Denice Hairston

Senior Compliance and Accountability Officer

Kate Johnson

Accounting Director

Blondean Jones

Network Engagement Officer

Astra Kostic

Associate Director, Administration & Member Services

Lauren Linscheid

Digital Communications Manager

Kelly McDonald

State Quality & Accountability Officer

Allison McFaul

Human Resources Officer

Sarah McGregor

Senior Leadership Associate

Brian Meister

Chief Financial Officer

Suzanne Le Menestrel

Sr. Planning, Strategy & Impact Officer/Research & Evaluation Officer

Roxanne Mennes

Local Program Quality & Accountability Officer

Lori Morris

Chief Strategy & Impact Officer

Todd Myrick

Director of Operations

Kjersti Olson

Sr. Program Officer

Noriko Osada

Director, Data Information, Analytics & Quality

Rachel Padilla

Accounting Associate

Tara Lisa Perry

Chief Executive Officer

Diane Nunn

Judicial Liaison

Melanie Prins

Director, Training & Development Operations

Brad Ray

Deputy Chief Marketing and National Partnership Officer

Stefan Sobiek

Operations Officer

Aaron Wells

Network Financial Management/Accountability Officer

Jessie Wright

Associate Director, Project Management & Administration

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