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Phyllis Allen

Senior Executive Assistant

Natanya Auerbach

Philanthropy Database Specialist

Dharmattie M. Brush

Human Resources Officer

Lisa Burkett

Director, Conference Events & Planning

Emanuelle Crayton

Associate Director, Member Services

Kimberly Delso

Director, Rural Program Growth & Development

Tom Dunn

Project Manager

Sally Wilson Erny

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Cassidy Follins

Associate Director, Administration & Membership

Candyce Frye

Director, Membership & Network Support

Denice Hairston

Chief Quality, Compliance & Accountability Officer

Thomas (Tom) Hoover

Chief Financial Officer

Carmen Hove

Data Sciences Officer

John Jackson

Curriculum Design Director

Blondean Jones

Network Engagement Officer

Vanessa Kelly

Director, Network Marketing & Communications

Kate Kennedy

Chief Development Officer

Jandi Kim

Accounting Director

Astra Kostic

Associate Director, Administration & Member Services

Cheryl Latham

Urban Program Growth & Development Director

Lauren Linscheid

Digital Communications Manager

Kelly McDonald

State Quality & Accountability Officer

Sarah McGregor

Associate Director, Member Services, Quality & Accountability

Roxanne Mennes

Local Program Quality & Accountability Officer

Lori Morris

Chief Strategy & Impact Officer

Diane Nunn

Judicial Liaison

Kjersti Olson

Sr. Program Officer

Noriko Osada

Director, Data Information, Analytics & Quality

Rachel Padilla

Accounting Associate

Tara Lisa Perry

Chief Executive Officer

Melanie Prins

Director, Training & Development Operations

Dorothy Roca

Network Communications Officer

Aria Seligmann

Sr. Executive Communications Officer

Shaney Starr

Suburban Program Growth & Development Director

Dyani West

Book Club Coordinator

Diana Westrop

Sr. Finance Officer/Controller

Jessie Wright

Sr. Associate Director, Procurement and Projects

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