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CASA volunteer’s support of children helps birth parents thrive

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June 9, 2020

CASA volunteer’s support of children helps birth parents thrive

Holly was moved to advocate for young children when she learned that a growing number in the dependency system in Silicon Valley, where she lives, are under age five.

Holly completed training with local CASA program Child Advocates of Silicon Valley and was assigned to advocate for Mason and Harper, brothers who had been placed in foster care because of neglect resulting from their parents’ drug addictions. After completing a court-mandated program, their parents had regained custody. Holly was assigned as a CASA volunteer to provide critical support just after Mason and Harper were placed back with their family and were still under the court’s jurisdiction.

Madison, the boys’ mom, describes Holly’s impact: “Holly was very supportive of our family. When she took the boys to the park or library, it gave me time to go to an AA meeting or to do laundry. Holly never judged us for our past. She was there for our kids and to be their voice.”

Holly was changed by the experience as well. She says that her relationship with the family taught her about the value of being present.

According to Madison, she and her boyfriend have learned the same lesson. “When I was using drugs, I never appreciated spending quality time with my children. Now I cherish every moment. I love being sober, I love being a mom, and the kids are happy. Our life today is amazing.”


*Names have been changed to protect privacy. Image is not of actual subjects.