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Fostering Hope

Lindsay Sell

“I credit my Theta experience as the starting place for my curiosity about the foster care system and the place where my interest in supporting kids in foster care originates,” says Lindsay Sell, an alumna of Theta’s Beta Gamma Chapter at Colorado State University.

As a foster parent, she has experienced firsthand the impact of CASA programs. “I have seen the stabilizing and long-term value of CASA volunteers. Our family’s first placement was a 4-year-old girl who deserved so much love, attention and patience based on her experiences. While our family was committed to delivering that to the best of our ability, I was excited when I learned she and her siblings were assigned a CASA volunteer. I was even more excited to learn that the CASA volunteer was a local Theta.”

Lindsay sees placing value on service, including support of National CASA/GAL and its state and local programs, as integral to the overall Theta experience. “There is an obligation to live our values and use the opportunities we have to exercise our widest influence for good.”

The transformative quality of the Theta experience has also inspired Lindsay’s work as a fraternity/sorority professional in higher education—and it continues to influence her personal life. “My Theta experience has deepened and become more meaningful over time. The values and mission at the core of our organization continue to resonate and motivate in unique and different ways as I understand and experience more in my own life.”

“My foster care journey continues to evolve and take shape. It is intimately connected to my Theta membership and Theta’s partnership with National CASA/GAL.”

Celebrating Our Partnership

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