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Leading the Way

Leading Women

Current and former Fraternity presidents gather at Kappa Alpha Theta’s Grand Convention in 2018. Photo courtesy of Archives, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity

Though Kappa Alpha Theta’s relationship with National CASA/GAL began in 1989, the foundation of Theta’s service to the wider community has its roots far earlier: the 1870s. The widest influence for good has been a cornerstone of Theta’s mission since its creation. In fact, Kappa Alpha Theta founder Bettie Tipton Lindsey was known for her dedication to volunteerism and service; she was particularly concerned with caring for children who had been orphaned or otherwise neglected.

Over Theta’s 150-year history, the women who built it into an international organization have remained committed to providing ways for members to volunteer in and contribute to their own communities. In National CASA/GAL, Theta found a partner with which to make a real difference in the lives of children and also to offer women an additional avenue for developing into confident and effective advocates for change.

For more than 30 years, the dedication of Fraternity and Theta Foundation board members and staff leaders has ensured that the relationship between Kappa Alpha Theta and National CASA/GAL has not simply grown but has thrived. The individuals below have helped to strengthen and enhance this partnership through their leadership roles:

Marjorie Crane Schnacke
Theta Foundation President 1986-1990

Carryl Wischmeyer Krohne
Theta Foundation President 1990-1992,
Fraternity President 1992-1996

Marilyn Chesher Lynch
Theta Foundation President 1992-2000

Anne Sadler Budill
Theta Foundation President 2000-2006

Wendy Sears Goshert
Theta Foundation President 2006-2010

Kathy Bennett Tonkel
Theta Foundation President 2010-2014

Mary Ellen Kutsenda Fitzsimonds
Theta Foundation President 2014-2018

Vicki Laughlin McCluggage
Theta Foundation President 2018-2020

TJ Flynn Condon
Theta Foundation President 2020-present

Rev. Pamela Walker Mayes
Theta Foundation Executive Director 1987-1991

Nancy Milligan Frick
Theta Foundation Executive Director 1992-1998

Beth Bain Casselman
Theta Foundation Executive Director 1998-1999

Gary Hand
Theta Foundation Executive Director 2000-2003

Anne Burcham
Theta Foundation Executive Director 2003-2005

Jen Kendall Pendleton
Theta Foundation Executive Director 2006-2013

Kristen Magnes Kaiser
Theta Foundation Executive Director 2013-2017

Kelley Galbreath Hurst
Theta Foundation Executive Director 2017-present

Janet Paine Peters
Fraternity President 1988-1992

Helen Edwards Woodward
Fraternity President 1996-2000

Mary Jane Parker Beach
Fraternity President 2000-2004

Karen Albrecht Ledbetter
Fraternity President 2004-2008

Anna K. Busby, Ph.D.
Fraternity President 2008-2010

Amy Hayner Kates
Fraternity President 2010-2014

Laura Ware Doerre
Fraternity President 2014-2018

Mandy Burgett Wushinske
Fraternity President 2018-present

Marcia Bond Angstadt
Fraternity Executive Director 1983-1997

Betsy Sierk Corridan
Fraternity Executive Director/CEO 1997-present

Celebrating Our Partnership

30 Stories of Impact and Support

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