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Living the Mission

Kimberly Morris Martin

Kimi MartinKimberly Morris Martin’s commitment to the CASA/GAL mission began 30 years ago when she asked a CASA volunteer to speak at a Theta event and was moved by the volunteer’s stories of being a voice for children and making a difference in their lives. When she was elected to Theta’s Grand Council, Kimi was afforded the opportunity to become more familiar with what she calls the “grand scale” of the CASA/GAL mission. She attended numerous National CASA/GAL conferences and served for four years on a local CASA program board; she is now a child advocate with an active case. “The more exposure and knowledge of the CASA/GAL mission I receive, the deeper my commitment to serve children in the foster care system grows in my heart,” she explains.

An alumna of Theta’s Alpha Omicron Chapter at the University of Oklahoma, Kimi is currently a Theta Foundation trustee. The special relationship between National CASA/GAL and Theta is, she believes, the result of congruent values. “Our founders worked to provide the widest influence for good, and this core value has built Theta’s philanthropic beliefs and efforts through the years. Individually as well as collectively, our members serve others before themselves, share opportunities for growth and make a difference in the lives of others. They learn to be selfless rather than selfish.”

Kimi adds that every Theta should understand how special this partnership is for both organizations. “Not only is it the dollars we raise, but it is the time and energy our members give that makes a difference in the lives of so many children.”

“A child in the foster care system has an untold story, and it is the CASA volunteer’s job to listen and learn their story. To ‘change a child’s story’ is to find that safe and secure place where a child can grow, prosper, gain self confidence, be respected, have opportunity and feel love.”

Celebrating Our Partnership

30 Stories of Impact and Support

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