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Child Abuse Prevention Month promotes awareness and education

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April 30, 2024

Child Abuse Prevention Month promotes awareness and education

Every year, April marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time when communities unite to advocate for the well-being of families and to prevent child abuse and neglect. While this month shines a spotlight on safeguarding children, National CASA/GAL and our nationwide network of programs and volunteers remain steadfast in our year-round commitment to promoting court-appointed, best interest advocacy for children and youth who have experienced abuse or neglect.

On any given day, approximately 368,000 children find themselves in foster care across the United States. Due to abuse or neglect, these young people often grapple with being separated from their families, adjusting to new foster families, attending court hearings, and navigating a sea of changes that can breed uncertainty, loneliness, and fear.

Enter the 97,900 CASA/GAL volunteers who tirelessly advocate for children entangled in the legal system due to abuse or neglect. These volunteers serve as unwavering, supportive figures in the lives of these vulnerable youth. While their primary focus is the child, they also recognize that the families of the children require support, and the volunteer advocates for the child to remain with their family of origin whenever safely possible.

CASA/GAL programs and volunteers continue to champion the best interests of children who have experienced abuse or neglect. By collectively fostering support systems and services that build resilience, CASA/GAL volunteers can help children heal and thrive by mitigating the trauma of abuse, neglect, or separation from their families.

Together the national network of CASA/GAL organizations and volunteers can create a safer environment for our children, helping ensure that their futures are filled with hope and possibility.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a CASA or GAL volunteer in your community, please reach out to a local program for more information.