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Condolences to the Uvalde, Texas community

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May 25, 2022

Condolences to the Uvalde, Texas community


Protecting children and ensuring their safety are always top of mind at the National CASA/GAL Association for Children. Our network of 950 state organizations and local programs works every day to ensure that children and youth grow up free from abuse and neglect and have the opportunity to thrive.

Violence should never be part of childhood, especially in a school environment. Schools are supposed to be safe havens where children can learn and explore, and educators can nurture and inspire them. This is just another senseless tragedy that didn’t have to happen.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the victims and their families, the Robb Elementary school staff and administrators, as well as the surrounding community that were impacted by the unconscionable shooting that occurred in Uvalde, Texas yesterday.

We stand with Texas, we share your grief and sorrow, and extend heartfelt condolences in the days and months to come.


National CASA/GAL Association for Children