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From CASA child to CASA advocate

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September 19, 2023

From CASA child to CASA advocate

Angel Jacobs is the marketing coordinator for CASA of Jefferson County, Alabama, and she shared about her lived experience in foster care and having a CASA volunteer advocate on her behalf. Having lived experience gives Angel firsthand knowledge of what it means to have spent time in the child welfare system.

Children, youth, and adults with lived experience in foster care and/or the child welfare system bring a unique and invaluable perspective and are integral to informing the work of the CASA/GAL network in volunteer recruitment, training, advocacy and program operation.

We are inspired by Angel’s story.

From CASA child to CASA advocate

By Angel Jacobs

CASA played a vital role in my life as a former foster youth, as well as in the life of my sister. During our most difficult moments, when we felt abandoned and helpless in an abusive foster home, CASA provided us with hope. Our CASA worker and her support were the main catalysts in providing us with the resources we needed to heal emotionally and physically.

The tireless advocacy of our CASA worker was truly transformative for our lives. Their dedication ensured that we were not only placed in a safe and suitable new home, but it also empowered us to have a voice in our care. CASA’s intervention made all the difference, giving us the strength to overcome adversity. This May, I was the first person in my biological family to graduate from college.

Based on my personal experience, I firmly believe that CASA’s presence is crucial for the well-being of children in Jefferson County and beyond. Their compassionate and unwavering support can make a world of difference for foster youth, offering them an opportunity to heal, thrive, and create a better tomorrow.