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NFL My Cause My Cleats initiative brings awareness to the CASA/GAL mission

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December 9, 2021

NFL My Cause My Cleats initiative brings awareness to the CASA/GAL mission


As part of the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats program, players can pick a cause that is important to them and express their commitment to the organization by wearing custom-designed cleats.

Los Angeles Chargers center Corey Linsley has chosen to represent National CASA/GAL on his cleats this month. Corey wore the custom-designed cleats in the Chargers game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Dec. 5 and will wear them again when the Chargers play the New York Giants on Dec. 12.

Corey and his wife Anna have been supporters of CASA programs since their time in Wisconsin when Corey played with the Green Bay Packers. Now that they are in California, but still maintaining strong connections in Wisconsin, Corey and his family are excited to promote the national network of CASA/GAL programs through this initiative.

Corey has also been selected as the Chargers’ nominee for the NFL’s 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. He was the Green Bay Packers nominee in 2020 for his involvement with the local CASA program in Wisconsin. In a recently shared video from the LA Chargers, Corey shares why he is passionate about the CASA/GAL mission.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians is also showing support for CASA programs through his shoes, with the CASA logo on them, which he wore while coaching in the Buccaneers game last weekend. Coach Arians has participated in the My Cause My Cleats initiative to highlight his support of CASA programs through his family’s foundation in previous years, and he remains committed to the CASA/GAL mission.

National CASA/GAL is excited about creating awareness for our network of state and local programs and thanks Corey Linsley, Coach Arians and their families for this incredible support.


Photo Credit: L.A. Chargers/NFL