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CASA of Larimer County volunteer helps siblings thrive

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November 19, 2020

CASA of Larimer County volunteer helps siblings thrive

Sam,* a CASA volunteer in Larimer County, CO, advocated for brothers Randy* and Rob* for more than two years. The boys were abandoned by their father after years of witnessing his drug and alcohol abuse, and had been placed with their stepmother temporarily.

At first, Sam focused in part on ensuring the boys could have normal childhood experiences with a reliable adult, and on getting to know them. She took them to lakes, to the library, on picnics, and out for ice cream. They had fun together.

Sam also got to know the people in the boys’ lives. She spoke with their therapists and teachers, and with family members. She saw that the boys were bonded to their stepmother and learned from Randy and Rob that they wanted their stepmother to adopt them.

As the case was coming to a close, though, the judicial team was planning to award permanent custody of the children to the stepmother. Having custody of the boys but not adopting them would mean that the boys’ placement would not be permanent, leaving anyone to appeal for custody in the future. Randy was adamant that he wanted to be adopted.

Knowing this, and knowing that the boys were thriving with the stepmother, Sam advocated for the plan to change to kinship adoption. After some time, the court did determine that adoption was in Randy and Rob’s best interest, and the stepmother was able to adopt them.

Sam has since advocated for children in two more cases. To her, the best part of being a CASA volunteer is giving a child a voice in court.


*Names and images have been changed to protect privacy.