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CASA volunteer reunites siblings

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May 19, 2022

CASA volunteer reunites siblings

A CASA volunteer with CASA of the South Plains, Inc. located in Lubbock, TX was assigned to a case involving teenage siblings, Casey* and Kendra.* The teens entered foster care after voicing that they did not eat regularly, were not receiving medical care and that the home they were living in was unlivable with animal feces, mold and a hole in the roof. The children also complained about emotional abuse from their mother and maternal grandmother. The siblings were removed from their father’s care due to neglectful supervision and violent encounters between Casey and the father.

After being assigned to the case, the CASA volunteer made contact with child protective services, the children, their caregivers, parents and the attorney ad litem. She formed a relationship with the children and would usually talk to Kendra multiple times a week. Casey’s case closed quickly as he achieved permanency through his paternal grandfather; however, Kendra was placed in several foster homes and facilities.

The CASA volunteer advocated for Kendra to be placed with a family member in her hometown after becoming concerned for the youth’s emotional and physical safety at one foster home. Due to her persistence, Kendra was eventually placed with her paternal grandfather alongside her brother. Kendra still has contact with her mother in a therapeutic environment to help mend their relationship.

In addition to advocating for permanency for both children, the CASA volunteer advocated for Kendra to have her needed records and documents in order to find a part-time job. She did not give up and fought for what she believed was in the best interest of these youths and their family. Had she not been assigned to this case, Kendra could possibly have remained in an unsafe placement or aged out of care with no family around her.

May is National Foster Care Month. More volunteers are needed in communities across the country to advocate for children, especially sibling groups in foster care. Your support will help National CASA/GAL recruit, train and support more volunteers so we can be there for more children in need.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy. Image is not of actual subjects.