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Laying a Foundation

Patricia Doomar Mierse

Patricia Doomar Mierse, right, is recognized for her contribution to the Theta Foundation’s $1 million National CASA/GAL Initiative by Theta Foundation Trustee Dinah McClymonds in 2018. Photo courtesy of Archives, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity

Patricia Doomar Mierse credits her involvement with the State of Florida Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Foundation Board in its early years of establishment with setting the foundation for her understanding of CASA/GAL programs. Decades later, this understanding motivated her to support Theta Foundation’s $1 million National CASA/GAL Initiative. “I was blessed to have been in a position to make a major gift,” says Pat. “My connection to the board gave me an even greater appreciation of the difference we can make in an individual’s life—even in an entire generation’s future.”

Pat’s service on the State of Florida GAL Foundation Board also provided her with the opportunity to learn about the outstanding efforts of volunteers across the state. She participated in a review of nominations for exceptional volunteers and pro bono advocates that profoundly inspired her. “Reading about what volunteers had done over the years gave me an even greater appreciation of the sacrifices made to aid those who needed help,” says Pat. “It was especially heart warming to hear about young people who needed a GAL volunteer and the positive affect having one had made on their lives.”

An alumna of Theta’s Beta Nu Chapter at Florida State, Pat values the importance Theta places on service, believing it helps both collegians and alumnae realize their own good fortune, have a greater understanding of how they can positively impact the lives of others and be inspired to do so.

“What we do through Theta and CASA/GAL programs can literally put a child on an upward path to a more successful life.”

Celebrating Our Partnership

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