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Strengthening Relationships

Jennifer Hammer DeBalko

Anita Brewster, program director of Cumberland County CASA (Pennsylvania), tells the story of first meeting Jennifer Hammer DeBalko, who is now executive director of Pennsylvania CASA.

“She showed up at the CASA office in a Theta hoodie over 16 years ago! There is no way we could have imagined where she would go from that initial contact, but Jenn’s internship in the Cumberland County CASA office was just the beginning of her launch into child advocacy.”

Jenn’s Theta and CASA program connection continued. As a student at Dickinson College, she enhanced connections between Theta’s Epsilon Lambda Chapter and Cumberland County CASA. The internship position she held became a sought-after experience for other Thetas, and the chapter hosted CASA volunteer swearing-in ceremonies as well as marketing and public relations events. As Pennsylvania CASA state director, she was recognized by Theta’s South Central Pennsylvania Alumnae Chapter for her commitment to the CASA program and Theta and strengthening the relationship between the two.

“Kappa Alpha Theta and the CASA mission have defined who I am today,” Jenn says. “When I look back over my 16 years with CASA programs, I realize that Theta provided me an opportunity to build a family with incredible people across the county who believe in the rights and the dignity of all children. I have added my CASA family to my Theta sisterhood. I will be forever grateful.”

“Theta and National CASA/GAL will always be united in their service to others and are such a natural pair because of it.”

Celebrating Our Partnership

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