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Enabling Children’s Well-Being Over Time

Enabling Children’s Well-Being Over Time

CASA/GAL volunteers give vulnerable children an opportunity to thrive.

Our work helps children as they grow

Children’s well-being includes the characteristics and skills that enable them to understand and navigate the world in a healthy, positive way. Well-being is related to children’s physical health and their social, behavioral and emotional functioning. CASA/GAL volunteers identify, recommend and ensure children receive the services that will support their well-being – from early childhood through their transition to adulthood.

Supporting early development

CASA/GAL volunteers work to ensure young children are in placements with loving, consistent caregivers. For infants and young children, a strong, nurturing and consistent relationship to caregivers is key to healthy development.
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Enabling school-aged children to succeed

CASA/GAL volunteers advocate for appropriate educational placement and services. Children in foster care are more likely to struggle academically, or to be identified as having a disability.
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Helping youth prepare for independence

Advocates help youth set and achieve post-secondary and career training goals. Many must depend fully on themselves, but also often lack the preparation others their age have had for independent living.
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“My CASA volunteer taught me how to use my head, how to think about the future. He helped me become the person I am today.” – Josh, former foster youth and West Point graduate

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“CASA volunteers play a unique role on behalf of some of our most vulnerable children. Their commitment, vigilance and persistence offer hope where there has been little.”

– Marian Wright Edelman, Founder of the Children’s Defense Fund