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Teen succeeds in school with the help of a CASA volunteer

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March 21, 2019

Teen succeeds in school with the help of a CASA volunteer

When Rick* was assigned as the CASA volunteer to 16-year-old Michael, all seemed well: Michael was happy in his foster home, had friends at school, was well-liked by teachers and peers, and was active at the local Boys and Girls Club.

Yet as they got to know each other, Rick learned that Michael was facing significant academic hurdles. He had a very low GPA, struggled with attendance and was at risk of not graduating. Michael needed a consistent adult to support him academically.

Rick helped identify that Michael’s school was not a good fit for him. With support from his local program, San Francisco CASA, he worked with Michael’s counselor to transfer him to a new school that seemed to be a better fit.

Michael was excited by the chance for a fresh start. Shortly after his school transfer, he began earning A’s and B’s. He even made the honor roll! Michael finished his senior year without a single behavioral incident, and graduated with the rest of his class; Rick was there to see him walk.

Rick helped Michael with his transition to a local community college. Thanks to his own hard work and the support of an adult with the time and initiative to enable his school success, Michael is now a full-time community college student with plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy. Image is not of actual subjects.